G A G E & P O R T E R


The Journey 

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
Vincent Van Gogh

GAGE & PORTER was founded in 2007, its roots however started in the early 90’s with a proud heritage spanning generations.

Danielle Camera, founder of GAGE & PORTER, pays tribute to her lineage by naming the luxury design house after her maternal and paternal grandparents; William and Joyce Gage and Wally and Sheila Porter. The Gage's were the creative force; deaf from childhood illnesses, they both became exceptional craftspeople. Their workmanship was sought after and well respected by their community and further afield. It is said that Joyce, then a seamstress, was commissioned to make the blue kaftan dress Elizabeth Taylor wore on her trip to Botswana in 1975 when she remarried Mr Richard Burton in secret. It is the attention to detail, pride for their craft and unwavering work ethic that has been passed down through the family and continues to form part of our design philosophy today.  

Danielle has always had a keen interest in the creative arts. From an early age, she exhibited signs of an artist, experimenting with materials in her father’s garage. That said, not much attention was paid to the first three clutch bags she made as a child from a swath of upholstery leather. During those early years, her interest in jewellery making and gemstones began, and continues to this day. It was a four-year apprenticeship in the United States and a term spent at the San Francisco Arts University, majoring in sculpture, with electives in jewellery design and manufacture and fashion history  that changed everything. What was once a hobby had come full-circle.

It has taken 10 years to complete the first collection of Minaudière bags. Today, GAGE & PORTER is the first South African design house, and one of a very few globally, to specialize in the production of collectable, high- jewellery Minaudière bags for women.