2020 Engagement Ring Trends

It’s the start of a new decade, with that said here’s my prediction on the biggest trends in Engagement emerging in 2020. It’s all Hollywood for coloured gemstones & fancy-cut diamonds with stones getting bigger & better. Unusual diamonds continue to gain in popularity with contemporary brides looking to show off their unique style & personality. Pearls have taken centre stage for a select number of A-list celebrities, yellow gold is back and skinny is the new band.


Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires were the first choice of aristocracy and the wealthy before the rise in popularity of diamonds. Princess Diana’s iconic oval Sapphire ring is undoubtedly one of the most famous engagement rings of our time. Sapphires in shades of pink and blue will give a contemporary twist on tradition. Coloured diamonds are hot in Hollywood and social media will drive this trend for more affordable coloured gemstones in pastel pinks, blues and buttery yellows.

Images: Pinterest; Insider; Harpers Bazaar


It’s a tight race for Oval & Pear-Cut diamonds. Both cuts offer excellent sparkle with an elegant shape and feminine-feel. This trend carries over from 2019, but will continue to dominate fancy-cut diamond shapes in 2020. I do however anticipate a third cut trending this year, that being the Emerald-cut. The ultimate in understated luxury, with sleek facets and a simplistic shape, this diamond is best showcased in single stone settings.

Images: Town&Country; Newsbeezer; Marie Claire


Its brides-to-be and social media that drive demand for diamonds these days. And we’re all looking for something unique, something that nobody else will have, something that reflects our own personality & style. Salt & Pepper, Grey and Brown diamonds offer just that. With highly visible inclusions each stone is one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated. These diamonds are affordable and offer brides-to-be the opportunity to indulge in larger stones of 1.00ct and over without breaking the bank. Get in quick, as the demand rises so will the prices.


A symbol of beauty and purity. Pearls are re imagined in contemporary jewellery settings, way more fashionable than your grandmothers pearl necklace. High quality natural round pearls in shades of white & cream will be the most favourable option for engagement rings in 2020. Pearls are sophisticated and appeal to a specific type of women, with that said I don’t see this becoming a mass trend. Pearls do however require special attention to ensure they last a lifetime and maintain their lustre so jewellers need to advise their customers accordingly.

Images: People; Zoe Chicco; Mizuki; Tiffany


After years of clever marketing in favour of white gold and platinum, yellow gold is fighting its way back onto the jewellery stage. Although white metals will still dominate the engagement ring market, I’m anticipating more women making the shift towards yellow gold. This consumer driven trend is being motivated by women looking for something authentic, with Dutchess of Sussex, Megan Markle trilogy ring helping to start this trend. Yellow gold is low-maintenance and higher carat yellow gold is hypoallergenic. Watch out, yellow gold is bold, unapologetic and back.

Image source: Town&Country; MakeMade; Pintrest


When it comes to engagement rings, the skinnier the band the better. Diamonds and gemstones set on skinny bands look even larger, and we all know when it comes to diamonds and gemstones, the bigger the better. Skinny bands look great, but it’s important to keep in mind you’re sacrificing the structural integrity of the ring for aesthetics, so these rings will need extra care & attention.

Images: Pintrest

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