Warmer months call for Vibrant Colour, Yellow Gold, Chunky Hoops, Pearls and a Curated Ear. Here’s 5 summer jewellery trends you won’t want to miss.

Colourful jewellery

Spring brings with it a sense of renewed energy and an abundance of colour. Designers are celebrating warmer days with bold coloured gemstones & beads and they aren’t afraid to play with proportions. TIP- Choose colours that flatter your skin tone and hair colour. Use coloured gemstone earrings to accentuate colour in your eyes.

Images: Getty Images; 9k Rose Gold EAST WEST Tourmaline Ring R5875.00

Yellow Gold

It’s shaking off the ‘old fashion’ label and it’s back for good because it doesn’t get more honest (real gold is yellow not white and we all need more honesty) or more luxurious than Yellow Gold. Alongside oversized chains and hoops earrings, Yellow gold is sneaking back into engagement with brides-to-be finding new appreciation for the metal. It couldn’t be easier to get a collection going with this seasons must have’s in yellow gold. Remember it’s worth the spend to invest in real yellow gold jewellery that’s colour fast and maintenance free. TIP- Yellow gold looks gorgeous on a warm skin tone and adding a brushed finish to yellow gold engagement rings gives them a ultra luxurious and feminine feel.

Images: Szymon brzóska/the style stalker; 9k yellow gold ladies signet with star-set diamond priced from R6695.00, 9k yellow gold engagement ring & wedding band POA

Chunky hoops

This seasons hoops are all about standing out and not blending in, bigger is clearly better, and we’re ok with that. Hoops go with just about anything, dress them up or down to suit your mood, outing or celebration. Tip- Chunky hoops flatter an oval or heart shape face and they’re great for softening a square jawline.

Images: Hailey Baldwin Instagram ; 9k Yellow Gold Chunky Round Hoops priced from R1759.00


If yellow gold is king of the runway, pearls are queen. This gems making a comeback with both traditional round and off-round oversized pearls featured in classic and edgy necklaces and earrings. As the only gemstone produced by a living creature it’s no wonder Roman ruler Julius Caesar created a law that prohibited anyone below the ruling class to wear pearls. This law no longer applies so no jewellery collection is complete without them. TIP- Round pearls, with no blemishes and a high lustre are rare and considered high-quality. And remember if you neglect your pearls they lose their lustre!

Images: Net-A-Porter; 9k yellow gold sea-water TINY pearl studs R695.00

Curated Ear

Last year’s trend of stacking rings on your fingers have moved up to the ears and now you don’t have to pick just one pair. This trend is about story telling. Think about stacking and asymmetry (having two sides or halves that are not the same). TIP- get inspired on Instagram & Pinterest with ideas on how and what to stack.

Image: Instagram; Getty Images; Assorted silver & gold single stud earrings priced from R345.00

How you wear jewellery communicates your unique personality. Above all it’s about enjoying your jewellery & defining your style. The best part about these trends is that’s there’s no age limit, no dress size and there’s no hard and fast rules. Just remember it shouldn’t look like you’ve tried too hard, so have fun and play around until you find combinations that look & make you feel good.

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