Q&A: SALT & PEPPER Diamonds

1. Is a SALT & PEPPER Diamond a Diamond?

Absolutely a Salt & Pepper diamond is a diamond. 'Salt & Pepper' is a marketing term coined by the jewellery industry.

3.Why are they called SALT &PEPPER diamonds?

Diamonds are graded on the Four C's. Clarity measures inclusions in a diamond. Inclusions can be both internal or external, in essence they form the fingerprint of a diamond. Diamonds with very few inclusions are rare and expensive. Salt & Pepper Diamonds have ALOT of inclusions that are highly visible. 'Salt' refers to white inclusions and 'Pepper' refers to the carbon inclusions.

Are SALT & PEPPER diamonds rare?

The majority of natural diamonds mined are highly included. For years these quality diamonds have been used primarily for industrial purposes. It is only of late due to consumer interest that gem-quality included diamonds are being cut and used in jewellery. Large, high-quality diamonds are rare and therefor expensive. It is important to note a Salt & Pepper diamond that is clearer will emit more light, creating more brilliance and commanding a higher price in comparison with a stone that is 'milky' in appearance.

Are SALT &PEPPER diamonds certified?

I always recommend requesting a certificate for any diamond or precious gemstone over 0.50ct. The Gemological Institute of America and the European Gemological Laboratory are globally recognized and both have offices in Johannesburg South Africa. Both laboratories and will grade these quality diamonds.

Specimen 1: Diamond with a predominance of black inclusions

Specimen 2: Clear diamond featuring small carbon inclusions

Specimen 3: Milky diamond with a predominance of 'white' inclusions

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