Spinel...The Collectors Gemstone

I'll begin this blog with a story about the The Black Prince's Ruby. A large, irregular cabochon red spinel weighing 170 carats set at the front of the Imperial State Crown of the United Kingdom.... Confused? So were those who identified the stone to be in fact a intense red Spinel.

Spinel's are both mined and found in pebble form in alluvial deposits. They occur in beautiful shades of pink, purple, blue and metallic grey, with Red Spinel's being the most sought after and valued by collectors.

Spinel is a gorgeous alternative for engagement rings. It's durable, standing-up to everyday wear and scoring an 8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale (FYI, a diamond is a 10 and a Sapphire is an 8).

This gemstone shares another characteristic with Sapphire, that being it's refractory index. Refractory is an industry term for sparkle or the way light is transmitted and reflected in a gemstone. A well cut Spinel will give off loads of sparkle which is exactly what we want for an engagement ring and they're more affordable than Sapphires of the same colour and weight., WHOOP WHOOP!

Our Spinel's are ethically sourced from alluvial deposits and they are NOT heat treated, ensuring every stone is truly one-of-a kind!


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