Tip #2 Getting the ring size RIGHT

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

You're aiming for a ring that you can move up & down at the base of the finger, but struggle to get it past the knuckle (this way your ring won't come off when your fingers are wet)

I've put together a few of the best & easiest ring sizing hacks... please, please avoid using a piece of sting as more often than not the measurement is way off.

The average ring size for South African women is a N, and a V for men.

If you've gotten the size wrong, chances are it's not by much. Most rings can be resized (I suggested doing this once). You're generally safe sizing between 1-2 sizes up or down. Sizing up is always a better option.

Check out my ring sizing hacks below:

Hope this tip has been helpful!

Photos courtesy of Local Eclectic

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