2019 Engagement Ring Trends

Modern brides-to-be have started showing a discerning taste for the avant-garde when it comes to engagement rings—unusual shapes, colourful stones and unique settings. They aren't necessarily pulling away from tradition but more so are making tradition their own. Here are four trends you can expect to see


With their meteoric rise in popularity these stones are not new. In fact they have been around since the very beginning but were sidelined by the large diamond and jewellery houses for 'white' and 'clear' diamonds....more rare, therefore commanding higher prices. Brown, grey and included diamonds were cut cut-up and used for industrial purposes. Fast forward to 2018 and modern brides are longing for something different, something unique. Salt & Pepper diamonds fit that demand. Each stone is one of a kind, the visible carbon inclusions in these stones give them immense character and once set in jewellery make for the most beautiful rings. The increase in demand from the end consumer has caused the prices to rapidly increase. With this said included diamonds are now being cut into larger stones and are becoming more readily available. A trend that is here to stay!


The desire for personalized engagement rings has spilled over into unique cuts and fancy shapes. Checkerboard stones have an antique feel with multiple large facets on the upper side of the stone reminiscent of old world charm. Fancy shaped stones are being used to create bold statements in jewellery, Set into engagement rings these cuts add a air of drama, confidence and luxurious sophistication. Due to the increase in demand, these stones are also fetching higher prices.


The common theme in engagement ring trends is personalization. This is being achieved in the center stones brides are choosing for their engagement rings as well as the style of the ring. Everything is bespoke and a great way to personalize a ring is to add detail. We are seeing this detail being brought into play in the main setting around the center stone and into the band. Arranging small stones in different sizes and patterns creates added interest and personality. The key here is to play around with options until you find the perfect look, a good jeweller will help you do this.

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