Recycled Gold...We're Going Green

We love making jewellery but we also want a beautiful future. We know we need to take responsibility for how the creation of our jewellery impacts people & our environment. Sustainability and transparency are core to our brand DNA and after many years searching for the right suppliers, we're proud to say our jewellery and our packaging is more ethical. We're so proud we wanted to share some of the ways our jewellery is more sustainable;

100 % Recycled Sterling Silver

95% Recycled Gold

600 times less carbon emission than newly mined gold


No invasive mining, soil erosion & deforestation


O% degradation, exactly the same as new silver or gold

Ethically Sourced Natural Diamonds & Gemstones

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Mine to market traceability ensuring provenance & authenticity


Beneficiation through local diamond cutting & polishing

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Reduces waste of natural resources


No shipping, reducing our carbon footprint

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